Digital Breakouts User Guide

Breakouts and Digital Breakouts are a trending topic in the world of ed-tech.

BreakoutEDU is like an escape room combined with educational content! Instead of breaking out of a room, students must work together to figure out the combinations to actual locks that are attached to a box with something hidden inside.

A Digital Breakout is the same escape room-type experience but uses Google Forms and digital clues instead of locks and physical clues. It’s cheaper and easier!!!

The Basic Building Blocks of a Digital Breakout:

  • Google Site
  • Google Form
  • Google Drawing (optional)
  • Google Slides (optional)

I have created a one stop shop for Digital Breakouts in a website linked below.  In it, you will find information about what a digital breakout is, how to build one, and examples and resources to help you in the process!

digital breakouts guide


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